Engagement Diamond Rings Designs


I think I want to marry you- Just say ‘I do’

Marriage is a sacred bond. Two people tie knots and vow to live together till death does them apart. What makes that association even more worthwhile and indicates a promise is your engagement ring. Often the groom proposes with an engagement ring which is picked out specially or custom made for his bride. These rings can be simple plain gold and silver bands or can be made of beautifully cut intricate gemstones. Every culture has a different view about the engagement rings and some even have an engagement ring selected for the groom. Mostly, these engagement rings are won in the left hands third finger which portrays a direct vein going to the heart. Linking the ring and your heart to your loved. The origins of engagement rings can be dated as far to the ancient Rome. The price of these rings varies differently according to the simplicity or complexity of the design and details. Mostly, at times whatever might the cost be people purchase engagement rings to show their love and ability to spend on their partners. Engagement rings come in different styles with holding different stones and metals which include:

Diamond Ring


It is a type of engagement ring that focuses on a diamond. Rough diamonds are converted into gems through a multi-step process called cutting. Diamonds are extremely hard and brittle and can be easily split by a single blow. So, diamond cutting for engagement rings s extremely delicate and it requires skills, scientific knowledge, tools and experience. Diamond rings are also custom made according to the desire of customers who indicate a design and ring makers follow it. After cutting they polish it and make sure that aren’t any flaws. These flaws are concealed and arrangement of the stones on the ring is done using special tools. These rings are usually hand crafted but due help can be taken with the modern machinery and its techniques.

Other gemstones include amber, emerald, jasper jade, quartz, ruby, sapphire and turquoise etc. Each=h of this gem stone can be added in with other gemstones to form a bunch in the ring or used solely itself to lift up the design of the ring.

Platinum Rings


Pure platinum is more ductile than gold or silver and it has excellent resistance to corrosion. In the making of platinum engagement rings there can be a fusion done of platinum with diamonds which makes the ring look more precious but very costly. It also finds its way in engagement rings due to its inertness and shine. During periods of sustains economic growth the price of platinum rose twice as that much of gold. So, everyone cannot afford this type of engagement ring. Platinum is a rare and elegant metal and its usual designs mostly include plain platinum bands. Sometimes details are added to it as per customer demand.

Gold Rings


Gold is a bright yellow ductile metal. It is highly valuable and used in many jewelries. Most of the engagement rings are found to be of gold as it has a special significance in each culture. It can also be paired with a lot of gemstones making it equally worth a fortune.

Silver Rings

simple-Silver Rings

Silver is also valued as a precious metal and is frequently used in sophisticated and simple rings also known as white gold. It is an also much cheaper than platinum and gold.

Engagement rings are carefully crafted leaving no space for mistakes by jewelry makers. There are different designs incorporated with the rings, whatever the metal used. A traditional engagement ring can be personalized with ring guard or wrap also known as the frame with basic mounting and 4 to 6 prongs. With a larger gemstone or centre stone smaller stones can be added to the sides. A three stone ring represents today, tomorrow and forever wishing to capture the significance of time. A halo is a circle of micro pave stone that surrounds the centre stone.

Engagement Diamond Rings

Other smaller stones can also be assented with it. The perfect engagement ring will give you a happy bride-to-be so choose wisely.