Emraan doesn’t take the Ranbir route for JANNAT 2


Emraan doesnt take the Ranbir route for JANNAT 2In the recent past, Ranbir Kapoor – after fearing rumours around his alleged affair with Nargis Fakhri – had largely stayed away from her during the shoot of ROCKSTAR and allowed director Imtiaz Ali to do all the hard work of grooming her. However Emraan, who has seldom been known for any link ups with his co-stars despite a serial kisser image, didn’t mind one bit when it came to grooming newbie Esha Gupta.

Admits Esha for whom this was a welcome relief, “At times when I was struggling during a take, Emraan took it upon himself to bring me out of the tricky situations. Though Kunal Deshmukh is the director, Emraan didn’t mind pitching in every now and then which was quite helpful. Whenever he realised that I was a little uneasy or unsure of a scene, he caught it immediately and gave me a lot of pointers to improve. Since he has done enough films to be experienced in this field, his presence made a huge difference to my debut. Not just is he a wonderful actor, he is also one of the most patient people I have met.”At her end, even Esha didn’t rely on just her co-stars to bail her out. It was an outcome of months of professional training and grooming that she went through before she could gear up for the auditions and start playing the part she was required for.
“Yes, I have gone through my acting and language classes. I come from Delhi and since my mother is from the UK, I had an upper hand when it came to diction. Also, I have been learning to dance as well. Even though there is no dancing involved in
JANNAT 2, I have continued my course on Kathak. I come from a very close knit family where girls are pampered a lot. Personally though I have always been a drama queen and that turned out to be a good help when it came to acting,” she giggles before signing off.

With music by Pritam, JANNAT 2 releases all over on 4th May.