Elegant Wedding jewelry Designs 2011


Ethnic Indian jewelry has the vast variety with fusion of style and designs suiting your taste and budget. People have varied options to choose from diamond, gold, sterling silver, pearl. The trend of jewelry in India is not only confined to large gatherings but people like to boast about it in small get together also. Every part of India has made their name in different style of jewelry. South has temple jewelry while west has mirrors and stones embedded in their ornaments. Carvings of north India is world wide popular and on the other hand east has beads in its jewelry.

Indian gold and silver jewelry is always successful in being part of discussion of women and girls. Gold is long lasting and durable and is very endearing to eyes. The lustrous white silver is still considered to be a unique gift among your loved once. Exclusive diamond wedding rings and rose cut diamond rings have always made the relations stronger. This sparkling gem is women’s best friend. This along with being traditional gives you an elegant look.