Eid Ul Adha Recipe Of Mutton Karai


Eid Ul Adha Recipe Of Mutton KaraiRecipe Of Mutton Karai:

Ingredients :

turmeric powder 1tsp

1 tbsp red/green chilli

cumin 1/2 tsp

½ ts corrionder

2 tbsp karahi masala

mutton stock 1 cup

salt to taste

Oil 120 gm

All spice, sliced ginger and fresh chopped coriander for garnishing

1 tbsp kasuri methi

Onions 150 gm (slice pece )

Tomatoes 300 gm (slice pece )

Method :

Firstly you have to boil mutton in pressure cooker but not fully boiled and then add garlic paste and ginger paste. Now add Oil or Ghee in this garlic and ginger paste and fry little and add green/red chillies, onions (slice pece), salt and fry it again little more.

Now add the mutton and fry the muttons just for 5 to 10 minutes. Then fry blended tomatoes in it and fry it on high heat till the water of tomatoes totally dries and look like a heavy Gravy. In the last you have to add  corrionder and fry it just for 1 minute.

Your spicy, outclass and tasty Mutton Karai with gravy is ready to eat and enjoy with your family, frnds, kids and your loved one’s.Enjoy