Eco-aware Moms – who are they?


The classification EcoAware Mom applies to a group of women with kids who view sustainability from a hands-on point of view. They agree that there’s a strong correlation between the health of our environment and our personal health. And if we look at the results of EcoFocus Worldwide’s 2013 EcoFocus Trend Study, today nearly 3/4 of the moms can be classified as EcoAware Moms.

They care about the environment, they care about sharing the knowledge with their children and leaving the environmentally friendly legacy for them to carry on. They feel that they should be choosing products that have been packaged with environment in mind and are interested in buying products with packaging that is recyclable.

Erin Reynolds from Evergreen Packaging added that “EcoAware Moms know their eco-friendly lifestyle choices are important in shaping their children’s attitudes as they grow into adulthood.”

Evergreen Packaging is a company that creates fiber-based packaging solutions and more than 70% of their carton is made from paper.

Recently they also relaunched a community meant to educate consumers about carton-packaging and the environmental benefits of it. The website is available at They try to offer you tips for living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle as well as give you ideas on what your kids can do with empty carton packages.

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