Easy to make delicious Rasmalai with Cottage Cheese at home


Easy to make delicious Rasmalai with Cottage Cheese at home

Today, I am presenting a mouthwatering dessert which is delicious Rasmalai with Cottage cheese. Rasmalai is a traditional Pakistani dessert but people across the world love to eat Rasmalai on different occasions.

Ingredients to make delicious Rasmalai with Cottage cheese

Rasmalai Ingredients

  • Sugar-one cup
  • Lemon juice-three tablespoons
  • Corn flour-half teaspoon
  • Milk-one litter
  • Water-as desire

Gravy ingredients

  • Almond-one tablespoon
  • Pistachio-one tablespoon
  • Cardamom powder-one tablespoon
  • Saffron powder-one tablespoon
  • Milk-three cups
  • Condense milk-one can
  • Sugar-as per taste


  1. First of all, take a cooking pan and boil one-liter milk to make cottage cheese.
  2. When milk starts to boil, then add lemon juice to it.
  3. Now, strain cottage cheese and rinse with fresh water to remove the lemon flavor.
  4. Drain out water and hang for thirty minutes.
  5. In the second step, take a deep bottom pan pour out milk in the pan and boil.
  6. When milk starts boiling, add cardamom powder and condenses milk.
  7. You can also add sugar as per taste.
  8. Condense milk gives very thick texture to the gravy.
  9. Now, add saffron powder, crushed almonds and pistachio in the milk and cook on a low heat for ten minutes.
  10. Then, add corn floor in the cottage cheese and mix it for eight to ten minutes.
  11. Shape out the cottage cheese in balls or oval shape.
  12. Now, take another cooking pot and add four cups of water and one cup sugar in it and cook on a high flame.
  13. After that, pour cottage cheese balls in water and cook for 18-20 minutes on a high flame with covering lid.
  14. Then pour some sugar syrup in a pan and place cottage cheese balls in it and let them cool for fifteen minutes at room temperature.
  15. In the end, squeeze the cheese balls slightly with hands to remove excess water and place them in a bowl and pour out milk gravy on them.

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