Did Shahid-Sonam forget their manners


At the first look event of Mausam, Shahid and Sonam Kapoor could not stop gossiping and giggling even as Pankaj Kapur spoke to the media

Last evening was one of the most special moments for the Kapur Khandaan; no we are not talking about the descendants of Prithviraj Kapoor, but the powerhouse of talent Pankaj Kapur and his family members. Almost the entire family had gathered to unveil the first promo of Sr Kapur’s directorial project – Mausam. The director confessed it was an emotional moment to watch people’s first reaction to his labour of love. The film’s lead pair – Shahid Kapoor, dressed in beige pants and checkered shirt, and Sonam Kapoor in her favourite Grecian gown – made a cute picture together. It was good to witness the great camaraderie between them…but gossiping when others are speaking isn’t really good manners, is it? This happened when the cast, the director and the producer were called on the dais for a Q&A session with the media, after showing the first promo. Obviously the first few questions were addressed to Shahid and Sonam. But every time the attention shifted to the director, the two actors who were sitting quite close to him would start talking and laughing among themselves. It didn’t make a good picture to see Pankaj Kapur speaking very seriously about the film on one side and Shahid and Sonam giggling away on the other. We wonder what was so important that the two actors couldn’t wait for a better time. Probably they were out to prove to the media that they were friends. But guys, this wasn’t the right time for it.