Deepika Padukone to turn opprobrious for Ram Leela


Deepika Padukone to turn opprobrious for Ram LeelaI guess Deepika Padukone’s wish of doing something different has finally come true. In Ram Leela, she has to play the desi version of Veronica from Cocktail. Not only that, she needs to be a lot more outspoken and tad abusive than Veronica ever was. Deepika will have to revamp herself completely as Sanjay Leela Bhansali won’t rest at anything other than that.

We were assuming it is just the clothes that will take a dramatic shift in case of Deepika in Ram Leela as she needs to be completely traditional. But it seems her accent, diction and mannerism too would change drastically. For her role of Leela, she needs to be very crass. According to a source, Deepika’s character has a fiery demeanour. She never thinks before talking no matter how trite it is. She plays a lady who has nothing lady-like in her. She speaks her mind even if it means offending someone in the movie. For Deepika, it is a huge departure from what she really is. She is not cocky with her words in reality and so the role of Leela won’t be easy for her. Also, her character is based in Gujarat and is rooted to the soil. She will also need to sound correct in the movie.
Apart from the inane lingo and body language, there will be a few intimate sequences in the film. So Deepika will have to let go any reservation she holds against such scenes. It is vital to the plot and she needs to do it. It is heard she will soon start her preparations for the role. So, if you think Deepika was too abusive in Cocktail, wait till you see Ram Leela. We have a feeling she would put every other heroine to shame!