Deepika Padukone manages to nab both Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor


Deepika Padukone manages to nab both Salman Khan and Ranbir KapoorWe think the gorgeous lady’s good behavior will take her a long way in her career…the results are already showing

At the moment Lady Luck is beaming happily on the pretty Deepika Padukone. Not only has she bagged Ayaan Mukherji’s next film Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani opposite ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, she finally fulfills her dream of working opposite Salman Khan in Farah Khan’s next film. During the shooting of Om Shanti Om Dippy had met Salman, who was still SRK’s good friend at the time, even making a very special appearance in the title song sequence in the movie. Since then the Aarakashan lady has been smitten by the superstar. And where OSO‘s director Farah Khan goes, a rumoured fallout between the two women has apparently been resolved – it looks like Deepika’s prawn curry was enough to win over the foodie. The story goes that soon after the release Om Shanti Om Dippy was accused of not acknowledging the choreographer-turned-filmmaker’s contribution for her overnight stardom. As soon as the actor got a whiff of this, she sprang into action to appease her first director, sending over prawn curry and, we presume, apologies. And that’s not all. Even though Ranbir and Dips broke off their love relationship, she continued being friends with him. In fact, in interviews she said that she would love work with her Bachna Aae Haseeno co-star again if dates and the right story could be worked out. No wonder she got offered a role that was originally meant for Katrina Kaif, or so we are told! We like it that the rising star doesn’t let her ego intrude on her professional conduct; now if only there were more people in B-town who were like that. While Deepika’s many boyfriends might raise a lot of eyebrows, we think her outlook towards work is laudable. So if she continues with the good behavior, we doubt anyone can stop her from reaching the top.