Dareecha Casual Wear Dresses 2012 for Women


Dareecha, a brand which is new for us and all the other fashion lovers of Pakistan, India and USA, this brand has showcased couple of seasonal outfits and semi-formals catalog which we haven’t got a chance to review and to display to our customers since we did not know that this brand actually existed in fashion industry of Pakistan, but today we have gathered their latest winter, pre-fall seasonal catalog which mainly catering in beautiful formals and semi-formal outfits.This brand’s specialty is mainly in khaadi and hand made outfits which have traditional designs that brings the beauty of Pakistani women and also displays the cultural wear for a woman of India and Pakistan.

Recent catalog from Dareecha was displayed some days ago in fashion magazines of Pakistan, India and Hong Kong, also this catalog is on sale on their facebook page as well, being a fresh entry in fashion industry, no one had expected that the brand can actually pull out such an exquisite catalog formal and traditional wear catering in beautiful scarves, abayas, A-line shirts and beautiful kaftans.

A complete catalog from this brand is displayed below, more than 5 outfits which are available in different color variations is available on sale at their flagship stores and also on their facebook page, interesting thing is that they are also running discount coupons for their newest silk and beautiful kashmiri embroidery catalog exclusively made for 2012-2013 winter seasonal wear, embellished with motifs, vibrant colors paired with trousers are the highlights of this catalog.shawls suits which are all having western cuts and silhouettes are now available in Lahore and Karachi.