US Couture Dress Collection 2012-13 By Uzma Sheraz’s


Uzma Sheraz released US Couture winter collection 2012-13 today. Most of the dresses in this collection include long shirts with trousers and tights. Mostly tights with embroidered and printed motifs can be seen in the dresses. The shirts are also made according to the current trends in Pakistan. They have nice motifs or laces due to which, they can be used for party wear. However, the dresses in US Couture winter collection 2012-13 are good for casual wear. We think that many girls and women will want to purchase something from US Couture winter collection 2012-13 by Uzma Sheraz as the outfits in this collection are quite trendy and will give a fabulous look for the winter season.

US Couture is a brand owned by Uzma Sheraz. It is not an old brand. In fact, it was formed only a few months back. The brand currently offers ready to wear outfits as well as beautiful jewellery pieces for women. It has released quite a few jewellery collections since its establishment. As far as its stylish dresses are concerned, it released its semi-formal and casual wear dresses summer collection 2012 earlier this year. Most of its dresses are casual and semi-formal. Currently, it stocks its outfits at PKDL and can be contacted through Facebook.

US Couture winter collection 2012-13 by Uzma Sheraz can be seen below. We hope that you will appreciate these dresses. If you want to make any inquiries about Uzma Sheraz’s US Couture winter collection 2012-13, you need to send a message to the designer through Facebook. The address for the Facebook fan page through which, you can send the message and view other jewellery and dresses by US Couture, is given below. So, visit the page for more details.