Coupleʼs Buying Guide: Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring


Wedding-ringsWalking down the aisle with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a magical moment that cannot be downplayed, and ought to be given the importance that it demands. It is a lifelong commitment that is sealed with the words ʽI doʼ and a wedding band slipped on the left hand ring finger. It is therefore very critical to pick out wedding rings which not only say how you feel, but also take into consideration your budget, preferred ring material and personality of the rings. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect wedding ring.

Consider your personality and get wedding bands that speak to that. Most men will prefer a wedding band that is simple and not too flashy, but ensure it at least has some semblance of your personality. You can do this by getting a satin finish texture, a white gold inlay or by simply adding ribbed edges. The womanʼs ring is usually more expressive and more detailed, and as such more time may be required to pick out this ring. In the same way, it is also important to decide what kind of material to use on the rings. Some of the more common materials used include platinum, titanium, gold, silver and tungsten. The metal used will depend largely on your finances and the budget you have allocated to getting the rings.

Also equally important when picking out a band, is how appropriate it is to your work environment. For individuals who work in certain professions including mechanics, manual laborers or even doctors, it is important to pick rings that are work appropriate. One more thing you may want to consider is the fact that since this is jewelry that symbolizes a coupleʼs union, you could get matching rings. Although not a requirement and certain couples may choose to not get matching wedding rings, it is a beautiful and cherished tradition to do so.

If you diamond, you will need to do your research on the right cut, size, shape and clarity of the rock you want. But regardless of whatever type of ring you prefer, as long as it speaks to your love, it will be perfect!