Cosmetic Surgeries to Bollywood Actress


Michael Jackson was known for his obsession with cosmetic surgeries that brought about drastic changes in his appearance from time to time.
Our Bollywood celebrities are also no less daring when it comes to going under the knife, and quite literally. A lot of actresses have undergone cosmetic surgery and enhance their looks. This is what the actresses looked like before and after their
respective surgeries.


Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa shetty has reportedly has had, not one but two nose jobs done. And we all know that Shilpa Shetty was never so breathtakingly beautiful. Cosmetic surgery changed the course of her looks and, of course, her then sinking career.

Priyanka Chopra

Ex Miss World, Priyanka Chopra has never spoken about her changed looks.When she entered the industry, she had quite a fat nose which, not very surprisingly, became slimmer.We assume this change was not owing to her slender rise to superstardom and, probably, a cosmetic surgeon should be credited for this.

Kangana Ranaut

The pressure of the growing demands of the industry apparently consumed Kangana too as she went ahead for the enhancements of her ‘assets’. She was also seen with fuller lips in her recent movie which can be attributed to the same.

Shazahn Padamsee

After her very first film, Shazahn sported much poutier lips than she ever had. She apparently wasn’t satisfied with her innocent looking face and opted for a sexier avatar. We here think she looked much better without the dramatic pout.

Koena Mitra

Koena’s was a much public and embarrassing outcome of cosmetic surgery. The process of making her a princess backfired with Koena looking like the evil witch herself. In fact Koena’s beautification surgery gone horribly wrong will probably serve as a deterrent for many who are desirous of going under the knife.

Preity Zinta

Preity has come a long way from the ‘bubbly’ girl that she was. She has, reportedly, undergone a nose job, brow lift and face structuring. Her face is much sleeker now and she looks much graceful now.