Colorful Party Wears by Farah Talib 2012


Farah Talib Aziz‘s work exuberates effeminate opulence, garnished with her signature embroidery and baroque motifs. Her design philosphy is too mahnify femininity, with the help of regally draped cloth and expert artisans, while maintaining a form of elegant sophistication. Stunning audiences with intricate detail and a strong sense of beauty, Farah Talib Aziz creates luxe classic pieces that modernize traditions and serve as cherished legacies.
Coming from a background in textiles, Farah herself is highly talented and trained in tailoring and embllishments. Regularly updating her skills, Farah has first hand expertise and knowledge about prduction methods. Based in Karachi, Farah has been adored by her elected Haute couture clients since 2006. With the expansion of her Pret-a-porter collection, Farah Talib’s collection is now available at Brands Just Pret which is a leading Multi-Brand Fashion House located in Karachi in the well-known Dolmen Clifton Mall. See the collection bellow.