Colorful Coture Collection by DeW DrOps-2011


DewDrops Couture is brand from Karachi owned by an enthusiastic and passionate fashion designer Parkha Khan, a graduate from Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture. She is a girl who can make wonders happen with her designs that are something to die for. The brand was launched about a year ago and now caters the international and local markets simultaneously. It offers the most sophosticted collection of formal, semi-formal, casual and bridal dresses for women. The major speciality about her collection is that each of her dresses is custom made accroding to the taste, preferance and satisfaction  of the clients. As it caters the International market, the brand focuses on the climate, season, and overall culture of the society and mainly on the poster, personality and occuption of its clients. From the cuts ans designs to the choice of colors, everything is perfect at DewDrops Couture