Collaging Colors Handbags Collection 2012 -13


Mariyah Nasir is working for “Collaging colors” since a few years. It was established in 2009 and from then till now Mariyah Nasir is working for this label. She has also offered designer clothing under this tag. The dresses were of all types including formal, semi formal and casual wears specially for women. She has such creative and innovative ideas which can easily be reflected from her work. She has always provided such outputs which are according to the demands of the clients. Her designs are bold and elegant which easily attract the attention of women. Now an exclusive accessories collection for women by Collaging colors has also been launched which is absolutely cool and stylish. This is a debut of bag collection. As shoulder bags are in fashion nowadays so following this trend Mariyah Nasir has created this collection. The bags are of different colors and contrasts. They consist of outstanding patterns along with trendy floral and geometric prints. This collection is very stylish and made according to the demands of women. Just have a look at this superb collection and become a fan of it. Here goes the collection. Have a view of it.