Coconut Oil For Hair Treatment


Coconut Oil For Hair TreatmentCoconut Oil For Hair Treatment

Coconut Oil For Hair Treatment, Another alternative to hair conditioning treatment is the use of coconut oil, which acts as a natural hair conditioner. Use only the purest coconut oil. Heat the coconut oil in a micro for 2-3 minutes until it is very hot. Now massage the hair liberally with this oil. Make sure you have an extra coating of coconut oil on the tips of your hair. This will help to condition and soften the hair. Wash and rinse your hair as usual.

Treatment For Oily Hair

If you are struggling with an oily mane and a greasy scalp, go in for jojoba oil with eggs. Jojoba oil is great for reducing itchiness, grease and dandruff all of which lead to excessive oiliness.

Jojoba oil is natural with just the right amount of oils as needed by the body. It helps to nourish the hair cuticle from within without weighing the hair down. Mix the white of an egg with the jojoba oil and apply this evenly over your hair. Now wash off with shampoo.

Castor Oil With Avocadoes

Hair conditioning treatment with castor oil is good especially if your hair is oily, brittle and prone to breakage. Those suffering from hair loss can benefit immensely from castor oil and avocados. Mash two avocados and mix it in with the castor oil. Simply massage some of this oil mixture into your tresses and watch them look soft as silk.