Christmas Wedding Special party 2013


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, all family gathered around us, and the church is already decorated. Why not have Christmas weddings? Here are some ideas and tips to have a fantastic Christmas wedding with all the trimmings.

Wedding colors:
Red and green are natural colors for a Christmas wedding, It is likely that the site of the church or the reception and will be decorated in red and green for other events and parties. But do not feel limited to this palate. Other possibilities, they will work with existing decorations, include:

• Silver and White
• silver and light blue
• burgundy, forest green, and gold (provided they are not too primary existing decorations)
• gold and cream

Wedding Invitations Christmas:
You’ll want to reflect the season and your theme, but do not want it to look like a holiday card. The solution? Forgo a folded card, opting for the traditional thick white card with a border and engraved or thermo-graphed text. You can highlight the wedding theme Christmas border with white snowflakes, an elegant holly TRIM, or a drawing of a poinsettia.

Since people make vacation plans early and often have many parties and events to attend this time of year, you want to send your invitations a little early – about 12 weeks before the event. May also consider “save the date” cards in addition to the invitations, which will ensure that the most important to you will be able to attend.

Wedding cake:

Having each tier look like an individually wrapped package is a popular look that is perfect for a Christmas wedding. You can also do a take on a buche noel or yule log with a tiered chocolate cake that has holly – either real or made of gum paste – cascading down the hillside. Use marzipan, almond paste used in many holiday desserts, as a filling.

Bridesmaids Attire for a Christmas wedding:
My favorite bridesmaid for a Christmas wedding is long dresses look with shrugs or caplets and Big Muff synthetic leather. But you can dress them in their wedding colors, give them long wraps or sparkly accessories, all of which help evoke your theme.

And the Bride Wore:
A wedding dress Christmas does not have to be so different from any other. Use that flatters you most, and top it off with a long red velvet coat. Or embrace the trend of color in wedding dresses by adding a beautiful red silk sash at the waist of her dress. You can also seek a dress with lots of shiny beads and sequins to evoke snowiness season. And, of course, a faux fur coat and muff are always fun.

Flowers and decor:
Since flowers can be more expensive at this time of year, think creatively. A mirror plate with pillar candles and sprigs of holly is both elegant and romantic. Buy ornaments in bulk online, and create centerpieces of bowls or vases of ornaments. For a simple yet elegant look, put pots of poinsettia with ribbon trim on the center of each table. Fake snow used to be tacky, but at present there are very good products. Candle set or small floral arrangements in the snow and my favorite touch use fake snow instead of an aisle runner. Or, you can always hire a snow-making machine to really make your Christmas wedding a winter wonderland.