Chic Aramish Summer Lawn 2012 Collection


Chic Aramish Summer Lawn 2012 Collection summer season with all brands introducing different unique designs B&V comes up with the brand Aramish that brings 11 different designs with a refreshing taste. Aramish clothes are conceived to cater to the youthfulness of daughters and elegance of mothers, they are concept for lifestyles. With each of Aramish designs the main focus is YOU. The designs that indulge with the best of the summer colors to transform and make you an exclusive You. Aramish lawn 2012 exhibitions are being held in Karachi from 21st to 23rd March. All the pieces have different design essence to it. Aramish Lawn is categorized into Maze, Retro, Redro, Splash, Dandelion, Spiral, Butterfly and Hypnose design concepts just to give every women a different look, a look that brings the best out of you. Check out the complete Aramish Exclusive lawn collection for 2012 by B&V below.