Chanay Ki Dal Gosht Recipe


Chanay Ki Dal Gosht RecipeIngredients
•    ½ kg mutton or chicken
•    1½ tsp salt (according to taste)
•    1¼ tsp turmeric (Haldi) powder
•    1/2 tsp chili (Lal Mirch) powder
•    1 medium onion chopped
•    1 cup Split Peas Lentil (Dal Chana) presoaked
•    ¼ tsp ginger (Adrak) paste
•    ¼ tsp garam masala
•    4 tbsp oil

1-    Fry the onion in little oil till it starts to turn brown. Add all spices and meat it and cook it till the water dry.
2-    Now add the presoaked lentil and stir it for 1 or 2 times then add 2 glasses of water in it. Then Cover and leave on low heat till it tenderizes.
3-    When both meat and lentil have softened then add Ginger (Adrak) and gram masala.
4-    Baghar /Tarka: Fry a few slices of onion with cumin seeds in a little oil and when brown add along with hot oil to the dish.
5-    Garnish with fresh Coriander (Dhaniya) leaves and chopped green chili with ginger slices.
6-    Serve it with lemon juice and salad with naan or chapatti. It also server with boiled rice. This serving for 5 to 6 persons.

Important TIP: If cooking with chicken then boil the lentil beforehand because chicken does not take that long to tenderize whereas the lentil takes a longer time.