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Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

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Best Kitchen Tips 2012

Best Kitchen Tips 2012

The kitchen is the main room of the house so it should look neat and clean and should be protected from the false...
House Cleaning Equipment To Speed Clean!

House Cleaning Equipment To Speed Clean Holiday Specials

Proper house cleaning equipment can make all the difference between a thorough job and a shallow one. As its time to start your Christmas...
How to Store Rice Long Term

How to Store Rice Long Term

Health Benefit of Rice can be found in more than forty thousand varieties of this cereal available in the world and to store rice...

To Keep Biscuits Fresh

To Keep Biscuits Fresh:If you remain a piece of blotting paper at the underside of the container; it will keep biscuits crispy and fresh for...

To avoid bad smells in the refrigerator

To avoid bad smells in the refrigerator:place an uncovered plate with coffee. Another option is to place an open box of baking soda.
Clean a Glass Stove Top (2)

Clean a Glass Stove Top

Glass-top stoves give your kitchen a sleek modern look, but you can't clean them the way you would a traditional stove because you could...


1 t. baking powder USE: 1/2 t. cream of tarter + 1/4 t. baking soda. 1 c. buttermilk 1 t. lemon juice or vinegar +...

Cleaning the Shower Floor

Here’s a quick tip for all those people whose shower floors have marks on them that don’t seem to come off with standard cleaning. Soap...