Can Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor ever be Best friends


Can Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor ever be Best friendsThe two actors keep oscillating between being sweet and being bitchy to each other…will you girlies stop playing around with us, please!

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have both been busy promoting their respective films for the past month. And at every event they invariably fell prey to questions about each other. Their rivalry is by now something that every gali ka baccha knows about. And the media is always waiting to know what their relationship status is!

But like jilted lovers, they keep going from hate to love to hate. We last heard Kareena say, “Priyanka is a dumdaar actress.” Post that, when Priyanka was asked about Kareena’s wedding, she said, “I can’t wait to see Kareena as a bride!” And the whole world thought that finally the actors had decided to be friends, and if not friends, then at least cordial acquaintances or colleagues. And just before all these sweet words were said, the Chopra girl and the Kapoor babe bonded when Priyanka paid her a visit on the sets of Heroine. And we thought, ‘all is well’.

Perhaps we thought that too soon. Insiders tell us that Kareena feels that Priyanka is her biggest competitor and she keeps a constant watch on PeeCee’s moves. And so we think Kareena read between the lines when Piggy Chops made that comment about her wedding (and who knows, she might not be entirely wrong). So perhaps PeeCee’s eagerness to see Kareena get married didn’t go down very well with Bebo. Considering Bebo wants to work till she is 80, being a married actor has been a cause of major concern for the heroine any which way. Recently Kareena also made a statement that she would definitely beat the success of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion – starring Piggy Chops – and that she didn’t really care about winning a National Award (we don’t really believe that one).

A couple of days ago Priyanka was dumbfounded when she was asked to react to that statement. She quickly came up with a retort. “A case of sour grapes – what else do I say,” she giggled. We like your tongue-in-cheek humour, Priyanka, and we love your witty (read snide) remarks, Bebo, but we would also love it if you girls made up your minds about whether you want to be nice to each or not.

Having said that, we can’t wait to see the next big statement that is waiting to come from of either of the two. PeeCee is getting rave reviews for Barfi!, so she sure is in a happy place right now. But what will happen if Kareena’s ambitious Heroine (which releases this week) fails at the box office? Will Priyanka make a statement saying that Bebo should not be disheartened and should look forward to her wedding instead? And will Kareena get miffed and get back at Piggy saying, ‘At least I have a boyfriend I can admit to’? Girlies, you’ve got us addicted to your ‘friendly’ repartee!

Jokes aside, will these two actors ever be friends? Going by the games they love to play, we really doubt it. What do you Bollywoodlifers think?