Cambrige Winter Collection 2011-12


Whether you want to go to office, play golf, attend a party or just relax at home, they have it all “just for you” from Corporate Clothing to Casual Wear. Guess who? It is Cambridge, which lave launched their Winter Collection 2011-12 as well. If you are young professional seeking for job and want to look good and make an impression not only in interviews or but also on job, give a try to Cambridge. Do not get me wrong, clothing is not every thing in interviews and jobs but an important part. I hope you will not regret it

There were times when there were few brands available for men in Pakistan, but with changing trends, more information and awareness, things have changed. Now we come across many brands for men ranging from contemporary designs (Cross Road, OutFitters, Shahbaz Aslam) to Formal clothing (Uniworth) which provide broader array of products specially designed to cater different needs of people at different times.