Britney Spears New Video Preview


American pop singer Britney Spears has dropped a 30-second preview of her next album Femme Fatale. The video features Britney in a selection of stylish outfits, while a series of explosions go off in the background.

The teaser released ahead of the world premiere of the video shows burning flames and falling buildings as people scramble into potholes. In the preview Britney performs some steps while leading an underground dance party as everything is crumbling around her in a dystopian universe.

Speculation was rife that the pop star will release two versions of the “Till the World Ends” video: a director’s cut with more of an apocalyptic story line and a choreography cut with the unabridged version of Brit’s dance moves. The video is directed by Ray Kay and shot in Los Angeles last month.

At 29, Spears has had five number one albums and has sold 67 million albums worldwide. Lately the pop sensation has been in the thick of controversies. Britney was recently slapped with a $10 million lawsuit from a marketing company that claims it was cheated out of royalties made off of the singer’s fragrance, Radiance.