Bristol Palin Shocked By Joey Fatone’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Elimination


Bristol Palin Shocked By Joey Fatone’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ EliminationOn Tuesday night, former *NSync star Joey Fatone and his professional dance partner Kym Johnson were eliminated from the competition on “Dancing With The Stars”. It came as a shock to fans that Bristol Palin was saved from being sent home. Apparently the elimination came as a shock to Bristol, as well.

Bristol and her pro dance partner Mark Ballas scored the lowest on the leaderboard, but were saved from being sent packing on the show’s second elimination of the season. After Joey was sent home, Bristol said, “I was kind of shocked ’cause we did have the lowest scores…definitely not a judge favorite, but I’m working on it.”

Joey also commented on his exit for the second time, saying, “It’s a dance competition. You take it for what it’s worth. You have fun with it. If you don’t do good, ya get kicked off. You move off to the next project.”

Their fellow competitor Kirstie Alley spoke of next week’s double elimination, adding, “I don’t want to kill my own joy by being so nervous and so serious about it. This is an entertainment show so I’m here to entertain!”