Bridal Collection 2012 at SamanZar Couture by Shaiyanne Malik


SamamZar – Couture was launched by Shaiyanne Malik over two decades ago and is known particularly for its Bridal and Couture range. Shaiyanne Malik’s forte are her label’s embellishments and embroideries. The label’s signature is to create collections steeped in historical romance and culture. The inspiration for the name of the label came from Shaiyanne’s children, Saman and Zarmand, Samanzar being the amalgamation of both which together means a ‘Garden of Jasmine Flowers’. A leading name in Pakistani fashion. Shiyanne Malik’s bridal wear optimises classic elegance with brilliant designs. is truely a force to reckon with when it comes to her disign philosophy. Shiyanne Malik recently have showcased her latest Bridal wear collection.