Brandon Roys basketball future looks pretty bleak


John Canzano, really the foremost authority on all things Blazers, did some research on Roy’s prognosis going forward. Even the sunniest optimist will have trouble seeking silver lining through these stratus clouds.

Consulting surgeon said that the Blazers had already operated twice before on Roy’s knee, and the surgeon said, “Either the original doctor who did those procedures wasn’t forthcoming with the Blazers… or the team was in complete denial about what was going on with his knees.”

I was told that during Roy’s surgery, they discovered there was almost no meniscus left to operate on. That explains why Roy came back so soon.

So either we have an organization that ignored a solid medical opinion or looked the other way. Either that, or owner Paul Allen simply made an emotional decision because it was Roy, who had delivered for him so often before. One NBA source told me Friday after considering the particulars, “that whole deal could have easily been a ‘Get it done’ mandate that was sent from Seattle.”

The “consulting surgeon” whispers that he believes the best-case strategy for handling Roy is this: A) Limit Roy’s practice reps to almost nothing; B) Play him off the bench in 65-75 or so games a season, choosing rest in key spots; C) pray. Surgeon suspects the Blazers might get 1-2 years out of Roy employing this strategy.

Harrowing. Now, chomp on this: If form holds, Greg Oden may yet have a more productive career long-term than Brandon Roy.