Bolus Charged with Insurance Fraud


Scranton businessman Bob Bolus has been charged with insurance fraud.

Bolus is the owner of Bolus Truck Parts and Towing. e was arrested Wednesday.

According to Bolus, he submitted an insurance claim on a truck damaged in an accident last year. The claims were $24,000 in damages, $8,000 in damage to a towed vehicle, and $6,000 in towing expenses.

An insurance claims adjuster said the claims were too much and that Bolus included previous damage to the vehicle.

Bolus feels the insurance company is trying to bully a small business and get out of paying the claims.

He said he is also upset that this charge will affect his Christmas plans.

“This will affect our annual Christmas dinner. It is the 16th year. We will feed 2,800 people this holiday at Saint Lucy’s Church in West Scranton,” said Bolus.