Bigg Boss forces Salman Khan to be punctual Sallu signed a contract of punctuality


He is late on the sets, events and even interviews. Be it the producers or the directors, reporters or may be event organizers, everyone waits for Salman Khan with great anticipation but Salman is not the one to reach an event on time. Just like his body and ‘dolle sholle’, Salman has maintained his record of always being late at events. But this attitude of his did not work while shooting for a TV reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’. It seems the late lateef Salman Khan had to sign a contract for the reality show, and according to sources, within the contract, there was a clause stating ‘Salman must report on the sets 12 hours early’. This clause is one of its kinds, and never did any Bollywood star sign a punctuality contract.

Well even Salman Khan is aware of the fact that most directors and producers have no other choice other than tolerate his tantrums. Now that Bigg Boss is over, we hope to see a change in his attitude.