BIGG BOSS 5 Nihita Biswas is first to be eliminated


BIGG BOSS 5 Nihita Biswas is first to be eliminatedNihita Biswas got eliminated from the Bigg Boss 5 in the first week. Nihita Biswas who is from Nepal is also the wife of Charles Sobhraj. Nihita Biswas was the youngest contestant of Bigg Boss 5. Sanjay Dutt said that Pooja Misrra survived the vote out by a big margin.

Nihita Biswas was nominated by Shakti Kapoor. Nihita Biswas was wearing nice blue dress but she cried while leaving bigg boss 5 house.

Nihita Biswas was given a special power of sending 1 housemate to the jail that too with a reason. Nihita Biswas sent Pooja Bedi to the jail for 1 hour and keys of jail was given to Shakti Kapoor. Vida Samadzai cried for Nihita Biswas’s elimination. Nihita Biswas had many issues, at the start but later Nihita Biswas adjusted with all the housemates.

Shakti kapoor used to call her chutki and say that she talks a lot. Nihita Biswas said it is not fair that in comparison of Pooja Misrra that she was eliminated. Nihita biswas is the first Bigg Boss 5 contestant to be eliminated.