Bharti Singh engaged to copy writer

Bharti Singh engaged to copy writerShe has been addressing him as brother all this while; but the sources have revealed a different story. Yes, ace standup comedian Bharti Singh is heard to have got secretly engaged to writer of Comedy Circus Harsh Limbachiyaa.
 As per the sources, despite Bharti consistently in denial mode about her relationship with Harsh, so much so, she maintains a brother-sister relationship between the two. Everyone however, associated with Comedy Circus is very familiar with their alleged relationship. The two lately have exchanged rings.
Some sources reveal that Bharti is sort of embarrassed about the huge age gap between her and Harsh. She is 29 and he is 22. In fact, the ace comedian had gifted Harsh a car last year, though the alleged love birds declined the reports.
Harsh too comes up with his story as to why he has been constantly linked-up with Bharti. He reveals that since, he writes only for Bharti and shares the comfort level and rapport, perhaps, that’s why such rumours.
Reverting on Bharti’s claims of brother-sister relationship, Harsh signs off and says that they are just friends.
 Also, as far as, engagement is concerned, Bharti claims that whenever, she will take such an important decision, she will have no qualms in declaring it in public.