Benefits of Lemon


The sweet smell of lemon also triggers its use for aromatherapy. Its smell brings fresh feelings. IT is used as a room freshener. Its oil improves concentration. Similarly, lemon also helps to remove tanning. It is also used for loosing weight and getting slim.

It contains a lot of substances like citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene which fight against infection. It is useful in treating acne. It kills bacteria because of its alkaline nature. Applying lemon juice on the pimples may give burning sensation at first. They will get cured slowly. The application of lemon juice with honey and rose water also cures pimples.

Studies have shown that balm made of lemon juice calms the senses and removes fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension.

Lemon also speeds up the process of healing. Gargling with the lemon juice also helps in curing cankers. Cold and fever may be caused by many factors. But lemon is best in any cold and fever problem. Taking lemon juice with honey and a cup of warm water every 2 hours relaxes the symptoms. It also makes you strong against virus infection, as vitamin C boosts immune system.

It helps to cure skin infections like eczema. Placing a linen cloth soaked in the lemon juice on skin infections for 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day not only cures infection but also removes the the itching. All those who are tired of long distance travelling can remove their fatigue with lemon juice. It quenches the thirst more effectively compared to water and saves from drinking impure water on the go.

Rinsing your mouth with a mixture lemon juice and lukewarm water also freshens your breath which stinks after consuming spices, alcohol, cigarettes or due to insufficient salivation. Just chewing lemon slice also refreshes your breath.

Boil the mixture of crushed garlic, chopped onions and soy milk for 5 minutes. Filter it through a sieve and cool it. Sip it after putting juice of 3 lemons. This cure hypertension.

Lemon also serves as a threat to high cholesterol level because of it pectin power.

Lemon oil also serves as insecticide. Spraying a mixture of 20 drops of lemon oil to a cup of water smells good and buzzes off insects. Another method is to keep a lemon oil soaked cotton ball in the bedroom. If you are scared of insect while being outside, apply lemon scent or mix lemon oil and sunflower oil and apply on the skin.

Lemon balm also promotes sleep. It calms the mind and body. Lemon oil can reduce pain. Lemon acid improves digestion by producing stomach acid.