Beautiful Sapphire Earings Collection 2012


Sapphire earrings a very beautiful jewelry and can be used for special events. Sapphire earrings this is a stone which is applied on a piece of jewelry that adds to the appearance of the more fascinating. Sapphire earrings in blue will be more dazzling beauty of a person’s aura. Sapphire is a member of Krystal rock mineral corundum which is almost the same as Ruby.

Sapphire earrings uses precious stones are very popular as the birthstone of September. Sapphire earrings this is a blue jewels stone that has a hardness value of 9 on the Mohs scale. This stone is at number two in hardness after diamond stone. Sapphire is made of aluminum oxide and titanium to produce a stunning blue color. ‘Sapphire earrings’ are very appropriate to use a stone that has a sky-blue and blue is not too thick or too white because it would reduce the value of the jewelry.