Beautiful Bridal Matha Patti Designs 2011


Matha Patti is a hair ornament worn by the brides on their forehead on her wedding day. It is also a part of temple jewelry and worn by Indians girls for special dance performances on religious or other events. Matha Patti gives bride a typical and gorgeous bride look. It simply enhances the attractiveness of bride.

It is the special kind of jewelry. The center portion of the Matha Patti is placed on the head along the centre hair separation and the extensions on both side run along the hair line above the forehead. It gives a traditional and smart look to girl wearing it. Matha Patti is available in different shades like golden, rust, copper, metallic, silver and etc. the selection of color for it should be made in accordance with the color complexion of bride and the tone of dress. Golden and copper colors are ever liked colors for Matha Patti, that may suit to all dress colors and to all girls whether fair or dark.

Matha Patti is simply replacement of Jhoomer, both are not worn at the same time because they give a jumble look when wore together. Two most famous stlyles of Matha Patti are; gold plate Matha Patti, silver plated, stone studed Matha Patti Mtha Patti and kundan Matha Patti. They selection of type of Matha Patti is highly depends upon the dress style of bride. A loght Matha Patti with a heavy dress look odd, as heavy Matha Patti with that of light dress.