Be Familiar with the Various Types of Insurance


In this unpredictable life of ours, what we need is some security blanket. The best form would be insurance plans. Nowadays as insurance companies try to cope up with the trend, they continuously create policies that will suffice people’s needs. Below is a list of insurance types you can purchase. Get familiar with it so that you’ll know which plan should you get.

Accident insurance is a type of policy that will cover individuals involved in an accident on or off a job.

Antique insurance is a policy you should acquire if you own an antique car or other antique memorabilia.

Business insurance protects a corporation if there is damage done it the working area or an interruption of the business operations occur.

Crop insurance is a policy that protects your goods against fire, hail, lightning, vandalism, transit, catastrophe, loss of stored grain, and loss of revenue due to low yields or prices.

Employment practice insurance secures a company against discrimination, breach of contract, sexual harassment, wrongful discipline, and mismanagement of employee benefit plans or emotional distress.

Animal insurance covers the veterinarian fees due to accident and disease.

Home insurance covers all accidental damages to the building, contents or property. Coverage may include garages, outbuildings and swimming pools. Even the theft of the contents of an outbuilding may be protected.

Lastly, keyman insurance protects important individuals in an organization in case of untimely death or disability. Coverage is usually for salesmen, executives and business owners.