BBQ Pizza Recipe

BBQ Pizza RecipeFor dough
Maida               3 cups
Salt                  1 tsp
Yeast                1 sachet or 1 tsp
Olive oil             2-3 tbsp
(or any cooking oil)
Sugar                1/2 tsp
Chicken breast (boneless cubes             1 cup
BBQ sauce                                           1/2cup
Tomato sauce                                       2 tbsp
Onion (thinly sliced)                               1
Mozzarella cheese                                 1/2 cup
Cheddar cheese                                     1/4 cup
(you can use also use pizza cheese)
–      Mix sugar and yeast in half a cup of lukewarm water and set aside fro 10-15 minutes. You will see frothy top which would indicate that the yeast is active and you can use it.
–         In a large bowl mix flour and salt, add the yeast mixture. Knead dough with some more water until it forms a ball, just like chapatti dough.
–         Brush a big bowl with some olive oil and place the dough, cover with plastic wrap and let it sit fro 2 hours on the kitchen counter. The dough will rise and will become 3 times bigger than the actual size.
–         Punch the dough to let the air out, knead again and leave it for another 45 minutes until it rises again. Your pizza dough is ready now. Divide it n three portions.
–         Roll one portion with a rolling pin according to the size of your pan and place it inside the pan.
–         Combine BBQ sauce and tomato sauces and place 2 tbsp of this mixture on top of your pizza. Sprinkle half of the cheese on top.
–         Cook chicken cubes with 1 tb sp of olive oil, also add 3 tbsp of BBQ sauce mixture until fully cooked.
–         Add BBQ chicken on top scatter onion around. Mix mozzarella and cheddar cheese and place it on top.

–         Cook pizza in a preheated oven, set on 230 oC until the pizza fully rises in about 5 minutes. Lower temperature to 180 oC and bake fro another 5 minutes or until golden crust on top. Cut into slices and enjoy