Baseball fever has started in the Gossip Sports compound


On this random Saturday(I sadly started this article then)afternoon, where rain in LA usually signifies a meteor potentially crashing down in Hollywood (It could also mean God’s cleansing my car so I don’t have to spend the dough it have it cleaned), or a basic excuse to eat carbs and lay in bed watching Saved by the Bell. Either way, it has me thinking about MLB, and a few questions that are wondering about the brain. Please chime in and help us get through this dreary (normal in the rest of the country) day in LA, or chilly week for that matter.

How bad will the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates be?

Bad. I mean, isn’t that how we look at them every year? My favorite player for the Royals, Zack Greinke, has been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, and are now left with Melky Cabrera, Jason Kendall, and Jeff Francoeur as team leaders? Don’t forget about Alex Gordon*rolls eyes*…

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in trouble….again. As I search through their roster in some sort of bewildered fashion, I instantly thought that the Pirates actually, legitimately could be worse than the Oakland Raider organization. It’s in tragic fashion to hear of fans having to sit in an empty ballpark yet again. Not that it’s a surprise, by any means, as from what documents turned up on Deadspin last year, the Pirates seem to still be making a profit due to revenue sharing(That’s a whole article in itself). We hear every year about such great young pitching prospects the Pirates have, only to see shelling after shelling take place. Here’s to NFL starting back in time for our friends in Pittsburgh.

Who wins MVP in both the A.L. and N.L.

I’m sticking with Joe Mauer to do what bad mofo’s do: Put up HUGE numbers, in quiet fashion. It’s what you’d expect from such a humble guy. He truly is a throwback to the Mickey Mantles’ of golden years.

Everyone might think Albert Pujols snaps this up as a no-brainer going into contract talks in the Fall, but it’s just not that easy. The guy will feel the pressure from the media every single week of the season without ever fielding a question(which he said he wouldn’t do). He’ll be right up there in votes, but the Cardinals will have a down year now that Adam Wainwright(Tommy John surgery) and possibly Chris Carpenter(not announced yet) are potentially out for the season.

My MVP choice is Buster Posey. Wait, what did I just say?! Two catchers winning MVP in the same year? True story. This guy is an insane talent, with the temperament and poise to carry his team. I have Buster putting up huge numbers, and factoring in the Giants handily winning the N.L. West, I don’t see anyone beating him out. And I’m no genius here, as a sweet female friend predicted last June this guy to win Rookie-of-the-year, and he did just that. When she mentioned his name, I clearly remember thinking, “BUSTER?”

What might you be pondering about your favorite team going into the season?

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