Barfi! to pay compensation of Rs 50 crore to Murphy Enterprises?


Barfi! to pay compensation of Rs 50 crore to Murphy EnterprisesThe mention of Murphy baby in the film’s title song Ala Barfi was cute, no? Well, Murphy begs to differ

Remember how we loved the connection between Anurag Basu’s Barfi! and the Murphy baby? We even speculated about Anurag Basu having a clear winner on his hands, thanks to the vintage connection. But guess what, the adorable Murphy baby has landed Barfi! into trouble. Ooops!

Murphy Enterprises’ advocate, Sujit Kurup, who has sent a legal notice dated September 10 to UTV Motion Pictures reveals, “The film has used the name of the brand extensively. Apart from the song, the storyline too has Murphy incorporated in it. We hear the hero’s ambition in the film is to become Murphy munna. Not only have they used the client’s name without our NOC but they have also done a negative portrayal of the brand. This is clearly a case of trademark infringement.” Sigh!

What’s more, the company also seeks a compensation of Rs 50 crores from the makers. And have said that if UTV Motion Pictures does not respond to their notice they will also seek a stay order on the release of the movie.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of UTV is assured that no infringement has happened. “We are clear that there has been no infringement whatsoever and we are in the process of sending a response to the said notice,” he said.

What a mess! Do you think Barfi! makers are in real trouble this time?