Bangles designs for bridals 2011

Undoubtedly,   bangles  complement  the  dress  of  a bridals. Wearing bangles  or chudiyan is like adding one more feather to your cap.  The  best  part  about  bangles  is  that it can be worn   with any  kind  of dress.  However  Indian bangles are mainly  worn  with  skirts,  sarees,  suits,  salwar kameez, lehengas.  Right  from  an  early  age  young  girls  have  an undying  crazy  for  bangles. However,  a  different variety of Indian bangles are found in the market.Most Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or both in combination. Bangles made from plastic are slowly replacing those made by glass, but the ones made of glass are still preferred at traditional functions such as marriages and at festivals.
Gold bangles are most popular with Indian women. They range from plain and simple to extremely artistic and intricate. They are often studded with precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, gems and pearls.Since most wood bangle stands can only be found and purchased online, finding a quality wood bangle stand can pose a challenge.