BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN Is Natasha a victim of domestic abuse?


BADE-ACCHE-LAGTE-HAIN-Is-Natasha-a-victim-of-domestic-Indian television has touched upon the issue of domestic abuse every now and then. Will Bade Acche Lagte Hain follow this trend?

With love blossoming between middle-aged Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) and Ram (Ram Kapoor), everything was hunky dory in the two households of Bade Acche Lagte Hain. But the good days will be over soon, or so suggest the promos. After Saubhagyavati Bhava on Life OK, it looks like Bade Acche… is all set to take up the issue of wife-beating.

In the teasers, we see Ram’s sister, Natasha (Sumona Chakravarti) arriving bashed up at the doorstep of her maika (maternal home). On enquiry, Natz reveals that her husband Karthik (Mohit Malhotra) who is also Priya’s brother, is responsible for her plight.

But what’s interesting is certain sneaky birdies talking that it might not be such a big deal after all. According to them, after a fight between Nats and her sis-in-law Ayesha (Chahat Khanna), Karthik slaps his wife. But Nats exaggerates the effect by cutting up her lip and landing at her brother Ram’s residence. Well, the abuse seems probable, but it’s only a speculation until now.

The twist is bound to attract a lot of attention and take Bade Acche…’s TAM ratings to new levels. But do the makers touch upon such sensitive topics only to increase viewership, or are they really concerned about these social issues? We wonder. Watch this space to find out what actually happened.