Ayesha Hassan Collection 2012 Fashion Pakistan Week day 1


After the remarkable success of FPW-3, Fashion Pakistan Week is back!

Fashion Pakistan is delighted to announce the dates for Fashion Pakistan Week-4 Fall /Winter :

October 21st to 23rd 2012 in Karachi.

Pakistan’s most credible, progressive and cutting-edge Fashion Week will present the latest men’s wear
and women’s wear collections of Pakistani top designers and leading male and female models.

We believe in promoting both established fashion designers and burgeoning design talent in the global
market, while supporting and strengthening Pakistan’s vibrant fashion industry. With this impetus in
mind, we are pleased to welcome HUM TV NETWORK as the Official Media Partner for FPW-4.

A further objective of the Council is to show the world that the Pakistan fashion industry is a force to
be reckoned with and was created to promote and support Pakistani fashion in the global marketplace.
“FPW members represent a major segment of the design fraternity working together to encourage”,
promote and facilitate the development and growth of the fashion industry and make it competitive in
international markets by building on relationships with both overseas and domestic buyers; establishing
and strengthening ties with foreign designers and ensuring that designers who show under the aegis of

FP and the Fashion Design Forum receive ample and the most pertinent Press coverage, both locally and

internationally. “Chairperson-Fashion Pakistan Shameel Ansari”

Fashion Pakistan Week achieved their first landmark with the huge success of Fashion Pakistan
Week 1, 2 and 3. These not only opened new vistas for the Council but also encouraged others to take
the plunge and, as a result, Fashion Pakistan Week has precipitated a myriad of fashion weeks all over
Pakistan. Fashion Pakistan has grown exponentially with a steady flow of new and upcoming designers
deciding to choose this credible platform. This has encouraged the Council to set its sights higher and
has provided the impetus to organize another event that is even grander than the previous three

The designers slated to participate at Fashion Pakistan Week October, 2012 includes names like Sonya
Batla, Deepak & Fahad, Maimoona H, Ayesha Hassan, Sanam Chaudhri, Arsalan Yasheer, Bani D, Maheen
Karim, Emraan Rajput, Delphi, Rizwanullah, Kuki Concepts, Nargis Hafeez, Ishtiaq Afzal Khan, Wardha
Saleem, Zaheer Abbas, Amair Baig, Adnan Pardeysi, FnK Asia, Misha Lakhani, & Debenhams, Nine West
and Karachi 5.

This is one fashion week you won’t want to miss, as Pakistan’s most influential and fashion-forward
designers will showcase their fresh new, well-edited collections. Fashion Pakistan Week is the ultimate
platform for the industry’s senior designers and upcoming talent to showcase their talent amongst like-
minded peers. FPW 4 is slated to be the official event on the fashion calendar!