Ayesha Anees Fall Winter ExhIibItion Collection 2012-13


Ayesha Anees is a new and emerging name in Pakistan fashion industry. She is a Graduate from AIFD (Asian Institute of fashion design) and willing to serve at her best in the fashion industry. She recently showed her talent by launching her first ever collection this winter. Her collection is very stylish and in unique cuts which shows the amazing talent of this designer.

This year, Winter is arriving with more glamour and in this fast and busy era, people have more money but less time to take care of their clothing needs. But for a women, it is impossible for her to compromise on what she want to wear. Today’s women truly deserve to look what she thinks her to be in her dreams. It is the dream of every girl to look attractive and she can do anything to make her dream real. She can spare extra time on her look and spend money to get what she want. Pakistani fashion designers knows the fashion desire of Pakistani women and they are doing their best to serve the market with latest ideas and trends.

Ayesha Anees is also willing to do perfect work so she can get her name in Top fashion brands of Pakistan. In her Winter collection She has used some bright colours which you can say perfect for winter season. Her design philosophy is quite unique and having a different touch which you will definitely like. Have a look on the Fall/Winter collection 2012-2013 by Ayesha Anees: