Asha Bhosle press meet in Dubai


Asha Bhosle spoke to the press yesterday about her upcoming concert ‘Rahul and I’

Welcoming the press at her very own restaurant ‘Asha’s’, at Wafi, the Queen of Melody, Asha Bhosle, revealed interesting insights into her life, stating that her daughter in-laws take care of her shopping, and she finds Dubai to be foreign yet strangely close to her heart.

Bhosle also took requests to sing a few lines from the crowd’s favorite songs and unsurprisingly left everyone speechless. A natural performer and extremely down to earth, Bhosle explained that her son handles most of her business affairs, particularly her restaurants.

Bhosle also revealed that she practices as much as possible, and that she has not had any ice cream or yogurt since she was 13 years old, explaining that it is bad for the vocal chords.

Her ‘Rahul and I’ concert is being sponsored by Al Habtoor Motors and Western Union; representatives from both companies explained that the majority of their customers were from the Asian community, and by sponsoring the show they hope to become involved with the community.

‘Rahul and I’ will take place on Friday, January 14, 2010 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Asha Bhosle will be performing RD Burman’s songs with Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and the legendary Kishore Kumar’s son, Amit Kumar.