Asha Bhosle Lights camera Action


Although the music legend of Bollywood once said that acting is not her strong suit and that she prefers singing, she is now embarking upon new territories at the age of 77.

She has a new set role to play in a Hindi Film but she isn’t the least bit worried, because acting comes naturally.

Acting, singing and drama run in the blood and the family and every one of them requires acting.
Acting, she says, will not be a challenge because it runs in her family and singing too involves a certain degree of acting.

“When I heard about the role, I knew that I will be able to do it because acting is in my family. My father was a drama artist. Also, when we sing, it incorporates acting. If we don’t put some acting in a dance song, no one would be able to dance on it,” Asha said.

She is a renowned musical legend with over 12,000 songs in thousands of movies with an enormous and loyal fan base. Asha says that she also has an emotional attachment to this film because of its title, Maaee, a name she used to use with her brother in the past.

However, despite this adventure into the wild, she doubts that she will do this more than once, as she sees her core self as a singer and not an actress.

“I won’t do any other film after this. I just wanted to try something new. So I’m doing this. Otherwise, I don’t want to become a full time actress. I’m happy being a singer,” she said