Ash pours plus size curves into Elie Saab, wears it with a smile


Ash pours plus size curves into Elie Saab wears it with a smileThe surprises just keep coming. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has worn four outfits over two days at Cannes so far, and her latest appearance has us on our feet, cheering.

Not because she’s silenced critics by cutting a svelte figure on the red carpet. That’s a figure far from svelte. But because she’s shown that she’s not going to be obliged to look thin for other people.(Read: Dress, not sari, for Ash’s first day out in Cannes)

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Ash said that she has never advocated being size zero. And this dark grey gown by Elie Saab sends exactly that message. The modest neckline and long sleeves notwithstanding, this dress is perhaps Ash’s most adventurous yet, and very probably it will be the dress she will be remembered for.(Timeline: Ash’s red carpet appearances at Cannes)

For it takes a great amount of courage to blithely wear any dress that clings to every curve of your plus size, post-baby figure. And Aishwarya’s smile says it all.

Watching Aishwarya’s weight has become something of a national obsession, and that smile tells us that she just doesn’t care. Hurrah.