Arsalan Iqbal Rangeen Summer Dress Collection 2013


Arsalan Iqbal is a new name and Yahseer Arsalan fashion Pakistan. It has become a trademark of Arsalan Iqbal is a fashion house that has begun to build his career lately, but everyone knows label as the last year ago. Arsalan Arsalan Iqbal recently launched collection Rangeen 2013. Arsalan Iqbal Rangeen has launched this collection for both sexes. After the big launch Rangeen Kurta Collection for men in 2013, has Arsalan Iqbal began Rangeen collection of Women. The collection was published in the June issue of the journal Current Rangeen 2013. In this Arsalan Iqbal 2013 collection for men and women, you will find elegant dresses generals were added. This collection consists of the collection of men kurta shalwar full striking and dignified appearance. Women use the collection consists of large and small shirts and pants Iqbal shalwar. Arsalan launched this summer collection 2013 of casual and party wear both.