Arjun Rampal meets ‘Twilight’ hottie Robert Pattinson!


Arjun Rampal meets Twilight hottie Robert PattinsonThe Bollywood hunk met the Hollywood heartthrob and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart at Cannes!

We don’t know if Arjun Rampal is a fan of Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Men are generally not too fond of Robert Pattinson! However the actor was definitely excited to meet Robert and his Twilight co-star-girlfriend Kristen Stewart at Cannes.

Arjun met the two at the ongoing film festival in France and apparently even asked for their autograph for his daughters who are big fans of Twilight.

The actor blogged, “In beautiful Cannes, met Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Mehr, bullied me into getting their autographs for my daughters.”

Pattinson and Stewart are at Cannes for the screening of their respective films ‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘On the Road’.

The couple attended the screening of both the films. Pattinson was even caught kissing his girlfriend at an after party. The two seem to have finally gone public with their relationship.