Ariel Winter Doing Well Attorney Assures


Ariel Winter Doing Well Attorney AssuresOrdered out of her house by a a judge while authorities investigate her mother for abuse, Ariel Winter is “doing well,” according Amir Pichvai, the 14-year-old’s guardianship attorney.

Winter, who stars on ABC’s Modern Family as Alex Dunphy, is currently residing with sister Shanelle Gray, with a hearing schedule for November 20 to revisit the unfortunate situation.

“Ariel is doing well and she has a lot of people who are loving her and supporting her at this time, and I’m pretty confident that she’ll fare well through all of this,” says Pichvai. “She is obviously a very smart and articulate young lady and an accomplished actress.”

Late yesterday, Chrystal Workman issued a statement in which she expressed love for her daughter; denied abuse charges; and said all she had done is take issue with Winter dating someone four years her elder.