Are Deepika and Sidhartha in a romantic relationship


While many in B-town are speculating about her oh-so-complicated relationship status, Ms Padukone’s recent interviews have added more masala to the mystery

Since her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika has managed to keep everyone guessing about her relationship status. She’s been hanging out with Sidhartha Mallya very frequently and the two have made tons of public appearances together. It was their hug at an IPL match that set the rumour mills abuzz, but Deepika’s always maintained that they are just ‘special friends’.Neither has admitted to being in a committed relationship. Sidhartha, in fact, made it clear on Simi Garewal’s talk show that he is not even thinking about marriage with Deepika…or anyone else, to be fair to the lad! So, is there anything between them at all? Are they romantically involved or is this just a case of two young people being good friends? Well, Dips is the brand ambassador for the Mallyas, both Sid and she come from the same city (Bengaluru) and their families have been friends for a long time. Is it a special friendship which has more to do with convenience, or buddy-hood rather than romantic feeling? In a recent interview, Dippy added to the confusion by saying that irrespective of the fact that her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor is over, they are back to being friends and she talks to him almost everyday. She said that they have moved on from the bitterness and have found a comfortable space with each other. When asked what she would do if Ranbir wanted get back with her, she said she would think about it when it happens. She was also not averse to the idea of her Lafangey Parindey co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh showing up at her doorstep with a rose. “He’s thinking too much,” she said in an interview to a tabloid. She quickly added that she is not going on record to say that she is single, but she wouldn’t mind it if Neil came up to her. Looks like Dips is quite open to considering other eligible bachelors in B-town. And why not? She is young and beautiful, and has quite a rocking career too. Wethinks she has earned it!