Anushka Sharma puts media off!

Anushka Sharma, who is the eye candy for her fans and also the hot favorite of brand honchos these days may be humble to her fans but not to the media. It is reportedly learnt that Anushka who is at London for an YRF film was bluntly curt to British Media journalists who approached her for a brief conversation.A birdie revealed more by saying, “A couple of journalists tried asking her some questions, but she ignored them like a snob.” Anushka Sharma is in London to shoot YRF film in which she would be seen co-starring with Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. While SRK and Kat would be seen for the first time on screen, Anushka already shares a nice rapport with the actor.

According to the birdies, Anushka was seen all alone in London when SRK and Kats were having their families to hand around with. Lonesome Anushka was accompanied by SRK and Kat’s family almost twice but rest of the day she was spotted alone.

One of the sources said, “Since the schedule is very tight, it’s not like the actors get a lot of time to chill out after the pack up. But it’s understandable that Shah Rukh and Katrina are hanging out with their family members (especially Shah Rukh and his kids) as much as possible. So Anushka, whenever time permits, hangs out on her own. And she seems to be loving it.”

But the loneliness hasn’t made the actress keep away from throwing tantrums and that too over the media person.

We guess you need to be more cautious while dealing with media Anushka!